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100 square meters is the dividing line of medium house type, which is a very common house type in all major residential areas in Wuhan. Recently, many friends began to prepare for home decoration after receiving their houses, but before that, they were most concerned about the quotation and budget part. Today, Wuhan Decoration network Xiaobian takes 100 square meters as an example to see how much is a simple decoration of 100 square meters in terms of Wuhan decoration

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[100 square meters modern simple style decoration effect display]

[100 square meters modern simple style decoration quotation]

100 square meters simple decoration quotation details are as follows:

project 1: basic engineering

wall blank base treatment 600.00

door sealing 420.00

door pocket base (Blockboard) 140.00

brick wall removal (120 mm) 70.00

brick wall removal (240 mm) 75.00

light brick wall (120mm double-sided plastering) 945.00

after removing the wall, the hole, beam bottom and other parts are painted 180.00




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