2019 rental housing decoration strategy

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Different from the decoration of self occupied houses, the decoration of rental houses emphasizes the timeliness of decoration. It can be said that it pays more attention to basic decoration than decoration. The budget intended for decoration is also very limited. How can the specific rental houses be decorated well and save money? The editor of Wuhan Decoration network summarizes the 2019 rental housing decoration strategy. I believe you can find the answer in the following introduction

strategy 1: participate in group buying activities

for the decoration of rental houses, the cost of decoration is relatively low, and generally large decoration companies rarely catch a cold about this simple decoration rental house type, and the quotation of well-known decoration companies is certainly high. In order to save money, you can invite the decoration owners of the community to participate in group decoration or group buying activities during decoration

strategy 2: simple decoration

whether it is a new house rental or an old house renovation rental, it is appropriate to choose simple decoration when decorating, especially the old house decoration, which should not be changed too much. The rental house can be free from cabinets, and you can choose to buy second-hand furniture, which can save a lot of costs. In addition, you can choose necessary furniture in the selection of soft decoration and household appliances, and some unnecessary furniture can not be configured

strategy 3: emphasize the independence of rental housing

generally speaking, the decoration of rental housing mostly emphasizes the independence of rental housing. Generally speaking, many relatively large houses will decorate the indoor pattern into multiple different spaces when choosing to rent, so that more people can rent, especially unfamiliar users will want to have an independent space when renting, Therefore, the decoration of rental houses must be operated independently, for example, electricity meters can be installed separately

strategy 4: partition materials

generally, many users have high requirements for the sound insulation effect of wall materials in the decoration of rental houses. Therefore, if the rental time is relatively long, you can choose light sound insulation, which can not only improve the service life of rental houses, but also facilitate the later renovation and construction

strategy 5: choose durable wall and floor materials

the decoration of rental houses emphasizes more on the durability of indoor materials, so in the selection of wall and floor decoration materials, you can choose more from the durability, the ground can choose vitrified bricks, the ground materials can choose better quality, and the selection of wall materials can be simpler

strategy 6: selection of furniture

it is best to choose light colors for furniture painting, so that the indoor light can look brighter, and the cabinet can choose the one with long service life. In addition, the choice of bedroom bed is very important, so we must choose a solid and solid bed, so as to ensure that the bed can be used for a long time. [related reading: how to save money in the decoration of rental houses in Wuhan]

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